Our Mission:

To build the safest and best handling car using modern technology with the same classic look.

Mk 1 and Mk 2 Roller Chassis

At Active Power Cars we offer modern technology with classic styling. At the heart of every GT Coupe is our ZSR (zero scrub radius) chassis, a semi monocoque/tublar steel space frame with aluminum skin. Using modern zero scrub radius technology, taking full advantage of the current generation tires. Standard features include rack and pinion steering with fully adjustable camber, caster, and bump steer. Suspension geometry has been engineered by Race Car Designer Jim Griffith.

 A complete Fiberglass Body Includes:

  • Class A gel coat finish
  • Nose, Tails, and Center section
  • Left and Right Door 
  • Single or Twin Nostril Hood
  • Left and Right Side Pods
  • Dash Unit
  • Safety Glass Windscreen
  • Polyside Windows and headlight covers

Complete Semi Monocoque Frame Includes:

  • Fully welded frame made of mild steel tubing.
  • Semi Stressed skin pedal box
  • DOM .134 wall roll bar
  • Chassis is delivered in a satin black powder coat finish.

Builder Kit includes all the above plus:

  • Initial fit up of body and doors (hinged and latched)
  • Aluminum skin pre fitted and fastened, side pods, firewall
  • Custom steering rack installed
  • Front and Rear body supported and hinged
  • Steering column with quick release hub installed

Available in Two Versions: Standard 95" Wheelbase and 99" "Stretch" Wheelbase